Review Policy

I prefer to review books that have not yet been released, although I will also consider books that are recently released. Books that have been in publication for longer than one year will only be considered under special circumstances.

I review books that are written for children–from infant through teen. If your book’s primary audience is not in this range, please do not request a review.

I try not to post reviews more than 30 days before a book’s release date. However, I will post a rating on Goodreads as soon as I’ve completed my evaluation. If you want a review to be shared more than 30 days in advance, please let me know and we can discuss it.

I prefer to work from a physical copy of a book, particularly for any kind of novelty book. It allows me to comment not just on the content, but also the quality and durability of the physical object. However, I recognize that this is not always feasible. In that case, I will accept .acsm, .pdf, or .epub files. If using .acsm or .epub please try to do a two page spread in your file–this is especially important in picture books. It can be difficult to evaluate a work otherwise.

I like to participate in blog tours and giveaways. If you’re looking to organize one of these, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss details.

I do not receive any sort of compensation for my reviews. My reviews are my personal opinion. I cannot guarantee a positive review to anyone–just an honest one. I consider many aspects of the book–including content, style, illustrations, design, educational merit, appropriateness for target audience, etc. In addition to the review, I also provide a final star rating (from 1 to 5), which matches the scale used on Goodreads.

I can be contacted via NetGalley (DestinyDawn), Goodreads (cacophonesque), Facebook (DestinyDawnLong), Gmail (tangerinesidhe) or in the comments here on my blog.


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