Book Review: Young Chicken Farmers

21 Sep

Today’s book review is for Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens, by Vickie Black, published by Beavers Pond Press. I received an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

To begin with, I should disclose that I love chickens. I’m not entirely sure when or how this love originated–but it’s there and it’s strong. If I had the space and resources, I would love to be a backyard chicken farmer myself. In the event that day eventually comes, I definitely want to have a copy of this book on hand.

Although it’s targeted to children, I found Young Chicken Farmers to be incredibly informative. Black has a wonderful writing style that manages to pack a lot of terminology, facts, and information into this short volume–but without being dry or boring. Instead she includes bullet lists, numbered lists, labeled pictures, and asides to make a truly engaging book.

The book itself is colorful and fun. All of the photos were taken by Black, and many are images of her own children practicing the skills described on the page. I love how vibrant the pictures are–strong colors, crisp detail, great lighting.

All of these elements are brought together an a masterfully executed design. Some photos are arranged on the page in a small collage, with multiple typefaces used to differentiate the asides and lists from the primary text. Backgrounds are strongly colored and visually appealing. Small details like arrows, outlines, and geometric accents make the book pop.

If you know a child (or adult, for that matter!) who is interested in chickens, this book would make a great gift. It’s certainly a book that I’d like for my own daughter’s shelf.

Unsurprisingly, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It’s awesome. There’s plenty of information here to satisfy even the merely curious. The author even makes a point of explaining to children how to ensure their chickens are mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. Now, will someone go buy me this book, please?

You can find more information about this title, including other reviews, at Goodreads.


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